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Ace the SOCRA CCRP Exam with one of the most popular study guides available. Authored by a certified clinical research professional with years of experience in the field. Save time and money with this comprehensive, all-in-one solution for SOCRA CCRP Exam prep.

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Time and money. We all wish we had more. Why not take the fast lane to becoming a Certified Clinical Research Professional and passing the SOCRA exam? Instead of spending hours scouring through countless FDA regulations, guidelines, and industry practices, get only the information you need to pass, all in one place, and in an easily-digestible format that makes studying a breeze.

ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide comes in digital PDF format, allowing you to search for topics in seconds. You can study at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Skip the hassle, anxiety, and costs of having to travel to training seminars across the country. Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to tips and advice from an industry insider who took the exam and passed with flying colors.

100+ pages of searchable content

The most comprehensive and exhaustive collection of reference materials, summarized and simplified to help you prepare for the SOCRA CCRP Certification exam. The guide is searchable, allowing you to jump effortlessly to different sections in seconds.

Sidebar nav menu with clickable & expandable links

It can be a real pain to search for information out of a physical textbook. Easy navigation to different sections of study guide PDF file saves you time and energy while you study for the SOCRA CCRP Certification exam.

Bulleted outline of the entire SOCRA CCRP Certification process

A clear and concise outline of the steps you need to take to become a Certified Clinical Research Professional through SOCRA, with links to all of the webpages and portals you'll need to know about to get it done.

Personal tips from an experienced clinical research professional

The study guide sections contain tips and insider knowledge from the author, helping you gain a deeper understanding of the materials and providing guidance on what topics to focus your studying efforts on.


M. G. - Test Score: 93%

“As a full-time professional and a part-time student, I needed some solid foundation in order to prepare for the examination. This study guide was the answer to my prayers. I studied this guide and followed up with the FDA code of regulations when necessary. I studied for approximately a month in between my other responsibilities and ended up scoring 93% on the test on my first try."

L. C. - Test Score: 93%

"The study guide was a tremendous help. The exam outline that was available at that time was just that, an outline. Your study guide filled in the gaps. The study time that I had was used much more effectively. The study guide was a great resource."

S. G. - Test Score: 86%

“I made flash cards of the highlights in your guide, went over once the night before test, and right before I went in to take the test. It had everything that was on the exam. If I would have had more time to study the notes I would have gotten more correct, but it is the reason I passed. The guide focuses your studying to the needed areas.”

J. R. - Test Score: 82%

“I am excited to say that I was able to pass the SOCRA Exam! I received a score of 107 out of 130. Your study guide was very helpful! I liked that all of the important points were very clear and straightforward to understand. Your tips for studying for the exam also helped me as well. Thank you for the time you put into making the study guide and for all of the advice you provided me. I feel that it truly made a difference for me while I was studying.”

K. R. - Test Score: 90%

“I took the exam and scored a %90. I had taken the prep course a year ago but had postponed taking the exam due to some family medical issues. Even though I purchased your materials in August, I had little time to study until about 30 days prior. I simply read your guide on a daily basis whenever I had a moment. Finally, with a week left I studied your guide in earnest. I spent the last day/night prior to the exam in the hosting hotel and studied your materials. I didn’t bother looking at anything else to prepare. Thanks for such a wonderful tool to prepare me for the exam.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have already registered for the SOCRA CCRP exam, you should have received the SOCRA Certification Program Reference Manual in the mail. This manual is good reference material. But imagine reading through the 21 CFR Parts 11, 50, 56, 312, 812, 45 CFR Part 46, and ICH GCP E6(R2) from start to finish! It can be quite grueling. And at the end, how much valuable, relevant information will you really get out of it? Also, the SOCRA Certification Program Reference Manual does not contain any industry insights from an industry insider whatsoever. It’s just a printout of regulations, with no additional value.

SOCRA offers a 1 day in-person Clinical Research Professional Certification Preparation and GCP Review Course at various locations and dates in the U.S. and Canada. The author had attended this course prior to taking the SOCRA CCRP exam in September 2013. Although the information presented in this course can be beneficial, and the author would recommend taking the course to anyone taking the exam, there are some limitations to this course to be aware of:

  • The cost for this preparation course is quite considerable. This cost is in addition to the cost of a SOCRA membership and the CCRP exam fee.
  • The course is offered only a few times per year in select locations. If you do not live close to where the course will be held, traveling will be involved. This means spending more for flights, hotels, car rentals, and other daily expenses.
  • The information is condensed into a compact format in order to fit the 1 day time limit.
  • The information presented can be found from publicly available sources and is not a substitute to one’s own studying.

In the author’s opinion:

  1. Using one’s own time in studying and taking notes from publicly available and relevant information (various GCP trainings, CFR, ICH’s GCP, industry websites, etc.) and years of industry experience would benefit much more.
  2. Most people don’t retain much information from a 1-day compact course.
  3. It’s more effective to study and summarize key information at one’s own pace.

ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide has been designed to provide you with a concentrated dose of information needed to pass the exam. You’ll get what you need to know to pass, and only that. It cuts out the fluff and irrelevance you may find elsewhere, and gets you up to speed on exam materials in a fast and efficient way.

ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide is also available in digital format, which has several time-saving benefits. There is a table of contents with quick links to every section, and the entire guide is searchable, meaning you can jump to key information fast. This is a big advantage over a physical textbook, and makes your study time more efficient and effective.

A final time-saving benefit is the fact that you can study any time and any place you choose. No traveling to expensive training courses, no expensive flights and hotels, and no need to carry around heavy text books. The PDF study guide can be opened on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop any time.

As always, a passing result is based on your industry experience and how hard you study. Therefore, we can’t guarantee you’ll pass the exam. That said, the study guide has been designed to contain all the information you’ll need to know to pass the exam. It’s just a matter of committing it to memory.

ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide is for the exam prior to the October 2019 changes. That being said, the vast majority of the information needed to pass the exam has remained the same after the update and the study guide still contains the information you’ll need to pass the new exam.

Your total investment cost for ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide is $175. Compare that to the cost of SOCRA’s in person Clinical Research Professional Certification Preparation and GCP Review Course, plus the cost of getting there, accommodations, and other travel expenses. Not to mention time off work and time away from family.

So ask yourself – how much is your time worth? How much are you willing to pay to avoid spending countless hours searching through books and online resources, or reading through documents such as Declaration of Helsinki, 21 CFR 312, or the ICH GCP from end to end? How much would you pay to get summarized information in an easy-to-understand format, plus insider tips from someone who took the exam, and who has years of industry experience?

If you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars registering for the exam, wouldn’t you want to invest a little more money to make sure that you actually pass? Failing the exam leads to more than just a bruised ego. It wastes your time and money, too!

We offer a Money Back Guarantee with every purchase of ES’ SOCRA Exam Study Guide. You have 7 calendar days (more than enough time to browse through the entire guide) to see if it will help you pass the exam. If you ever feel dissatisfied or that you won’t pass, even given all of the information that it offers, simply send an email to explaining your thoughts and we’ll offer you a refund.