It’s not easy to find information online about clinical research as a career path, or insider knowledge about the industry. The information is available, but it’s scattered across different resources and forums on the web. ClinicalResearchAssociateCRA.com was founded in 2013 to solve that problem.

This website serves as an educational and informational resource for clinical research professionals and students wishing to break into the field of clinical research. ClinicalResearchAssociateCRA.com is also aimed at helping those who want to get the Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP) certification offered through SOCRA.

Many students express some level of difficulty in studying for the SOCRA CCRP exam. Between a full time work schedule in the office, traveling to sites, and other obligations, it can be hard to find the time to aggregate all of the information needed to pass the exam. The vast and dense information out there is cumbersome and, in many cases, difficult to understand. Students need summarized information in an easily-digestible format to help break up the information.

ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide on this website is exactly that. The study guide was created from the notes the author took when studying. From these notes, the author was able to pass the SOCRA CCRP exam with a score of 96%. If you’re new to the industry or you are planning to take the SOCRA CCRP exam, this resource is here to help you. Check out the blog for more information on the topic, and make sure to leave a comment letting everyone know you’ve passed the exam!

es' socra ccrp study guide


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